Thank you for your love and support for my natural soaps, salts and beard balms!  I have found my new hobby and obsession!

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, and I have been teaching biology for the past 2 decades.


I enjoy learning and helping others explore the wonders of nature.  I love saving seeds and planting my garden, which in turn allows me to use all the flowers and produce in my soap products.


I have a passion for natural skin care products and have been searching for quite some time for solutions for my own skin care needs.  After developing a few recipes for natural soaps and bath salts, my family was eager to try out my creations. When word got out, my  neighbors and co-workers were asking for samples and inquiring how they too could get soap and body products for their friends and loved ones.  


Once my daughters encouraged me to post on social media... the rest is history.

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