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Our New Shampoo is made with high quality Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

Internally, Manuka Honey helps with digestion and all sorts of gut issues. Topically, Manuka Honey helps fight the bad bacteria that cause many skin irritations.


After much research, I decided I needed to make a product with Manuka Honey, the perfect ingredient to add to my shampoo! I worked for quite some time on a recipe to help with my own dry and damaged hair. Just after one use of this new formula I noticed a huge difference in my hair, the way it looked, the way it would hold a curl, the way it shined, and the length of time I could go before washing my hair without additional products... But the real test was giving several bottles away to customers for trial and feedback...


Customer Feedback

My hair looks better than it ever has

I no longer need to use conditioner or hair oil with this shampoo

Great lather and has a gentle smell

You are never allowed to stop making this recipe

Very concentrated and lasts a long time

No more frizz after my hair dries


I am so pleased with the feedback so far!

Please email me with your comments on this product.

Questions I have from customers: Would it be easier in a different container? If so, what type? Should I make a version that is less concentrated? Should I leave the recipe just as it is? How did it work for your hair type?


Research on Benefits of Using Manuka Honey for Hair Care:

Helps prevent dandruff

Moisturizes dry hair

Boosts shine

Strengthens hair follicles which in turn supports hair growth

Enhances scalp health. Manuka honey has antibacterial properties, yet it's gentle on your skin. It also helps condition the skin on your scalp, neck and face as you use the shampoo.



Directions for Use: This product is very concentrated- you’ll need to remove lid completely before trying to squeeze bottle. Wet hair. Squeeze out an amount of shampoo suitable for your length hair and emulsify (lather) it in your hands with warm water, then lather into scalp and hair. Leave in for a minute for the nutrients to soak into hair. Rinse.

Follow with your preferred conditioner if desired.


If the shampoo is too difficult to squeeze out, it helps to warm the closed bottle under warm running water for a few seconds to loosen the shampoo. The coconut oils will liquify when warmed.


9.5 oz squeeze bottle


Pairs well with Naturally Rustic Conditioning Hair Oil.


Ingredients: water, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate (coconut oil), cocamidopropyl betaine (hydrating agent), raw manuka honey, vegetable glycerin (hydrating agent) keratin, vitamin E, xanthan gum (thickener), germall plus (preseravite), essential oil.

Manuka Honey Shampoo


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